Hearing Services

Tauranga Audiology provides a range of hearing assessments and solutions

It all starts with a free hearing test. This is a quick screen to establish if you have a hearing loss and is intended for people who want to discuss the possibility of hearing aids.

Your appointment will take around 30-45 minutes for the hearing test and discussion about your needs and options. We also have ACC, pilot, medical and a range of other professional audiological services are available. A $60 charge applies for some services.

Already have hearing aids?

Free hearing test and discussion if you are considering replacement aids, but we charge $60 to adjust your hearing aids if you decide not to replace them. You are under no obligation or pressure.

Comparative Quote

We can give you a written quote and time to think about it. If you have been given a quote from a different clinic it is important to know the exact brand and model so we can compare “apples with apples”, generally our prices are a lot cheaper than elsewhere.

What to expect at a hearing aid fitting

We fit them using sophisticated real ear measurements. Custom made products can take up to 2 weeks to manufacturer otherwise we can offer prompt appoints which are up to 1 hour in duration. You pay for the hearing aids at the fitting appointment (less subsidy or other Government contribution).

You then have a two-week trial in your listening situations, and we may do further adjustments, perhaps we will recommend you try something different. If you are not satisfied you can have 100% refund within an absolute maximum of 90 days trial period. The trial period is an essential part of our process and it is important you all allow plenty of time to complete this process before going overseas or leaving the area.


We are fully accredited for all types of funding such as Government subsidy, ACC, Veterans Affairs, and Enable Funding (for example dual disability or born deaf). We also can advise about help from Blue Lagoon, WINZ, PATHS, RSA, Maori Trusts or other help. Funding applications to ACC can take 3 months for clients with no previous approval.

Front desk assistance

What makes our service very special is we work together as a close team and our expert front desk staff will advise you about options, give comparative quotes, explain care and maintenance, do minor repairs.


Generally hearing aids are covered by household insurance but you may be approached by the “Insurance Response Team” which is actually our competitor owned by a hearing aid company as a “preferred provider”. Stick with us and we will make sure that you get the best replacement hearing aids without being financially disadvantaged.