What our clients have to say

We are proud to offer an ethical and considerate service. Here are some words from our clients, their experience with us and how their lives were changed for the better.

Jenny, Tauranga

For a long time I suspected that my hearing was deteriorating. My family encouraged me to have a hearing test, commenting that in group situations I appeared unaware of conversations and often looked isolated.

I chose to have a test done at Tauranga Audiology on recommendations and because it is a local business. After a free test, my hearing loss was explained to me, and the costs and discounts available.

Hearing aids were fitted for a free trial and the change was dramatic. I now have confidence in taking part in conversations and continue under the excellent care of Tauranga Audiology.

Alan Carter, Tauranga

I wish to pay thanks to you and your staff for providing me with such a highly satisfying solution to my hearing problems.

Having decided that my lifelong handicap required a fresh review. I took the advice from the local hard of hearing community who helped me to find a company that could provide a honest, independent assessment of my needs and the expertise to identify the most suitable aids.

My hearing range is somewhat limited, but despite this I have been provided with aids that maximise my remaining attributes and have given me a range of hearing improvement far beyond my expectations.

Thanks to your ability to identify and definite my needs, I have now been given a substantial improvement to my quality of life. I am now able to handle telephone calls with confidence and am able to listen to TV and music better than ever before.

The very reasonable cost of these aids also proves that the more money spent does not necessarily provide better hearing.

Nicholas Hale, Tauranga

This testimonial is direct relation to the service on offer at Tauranga Audiology. This service is next to none when coming to customer service. There are only two words to sum this wonderful customer service up and that’s “Absolutely Fabulous”.

I had been waiting years and years for hearing devices, which, because of my financial problems failed to procure, and because of this failing my life started to fall apart as I found I couldn’t find employment and my social life suffered.

After two weeks with Tauranga Audiology I had 2 x new hearing aids worth over $2,500, which meant a totally new life after not hearing for over 30 years. Now I have job interviews to go to and I can hear my grandchildren talk to me for the first time, what joy to be able to hear birds singing in the morning.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anybody who has a hearing problem to register at Tauranga Audiology. To me they are the best and foremost front leaders of Audiologists in Tauranga; believe me I have been to a few.

Thanking Tauranga Audiology for a new lease on life that’s enabled me to regain the ranks of normal humanity.